Fastest Fat Burning Yoga Positions And Moves

Yoga has been known as one of the best workouts to burn fat fast. There are different types of yoga positions and moves which you can use to burn fat. The question is which of these positions help in burning fat fast with ease? This article will disclose the best and fastest yoga positions and moves to burn fat which will really engage your muscle and give your body everlasting fat burning of your choice . All these positions don’t need you to pose for a long period before you see the effect. Each time you engage in any of these positions, you will definitely build lean muscle and strength. Just make sure you pose for at least 10 breaths for some of them or at least 1 minute for others. No pain or injury can be got  from any of them. Happy reading

The yoga pose in the picture above is a good yoga pose to make you have core muscle engagement.  You don’t need to spend lot of time at this pose to build muscle and strength. What you just need is to make sure you have at least 10 breaths on the pose

 In order to do the above yoga position successfully, you can follow these steps
1.                  Make sure your back is firmly pressed to the ground
2.                Raise your legs (both) straight to the ceiling until it stand at 90 degree to your butt
3.                Put a block or sturdy throw pillow in between your upper thigh
4.                Pose for at least 10 breaths. This one depend on your  pose ability. if you have more strength to do more than that you can do it


 This pose procedures are the same as yoga position 2. The only different is that your legs will be at angle 45 degree to your butt and make sure that your back is not raised up the ground so that your lower back will not be affected. Go over this 10 times

This yoga move is basically meant for spine strengthening rather than abdominal workout. The best steps you can take to achieve this go thus
1.                  Lie on your  back and raise your legs straight to the ceiling
2.                Move your legs towards your head
3.                Continue moving your legs until your kneel touches your forehead. Make sure you do it slowly so that you don’t feel any pain in your back
4.                Move you legs back to angle 90 degree to your butt again and return it to touch your forehead again
5.                 Do this 10 times

 This type of yoga is called BOAT POSE. The following steps will make it easier to be achieved effectively.
1.      Sit down and bend your kneel with your feet flat on the floor
2.    Straight your arms towards your kneel
3.    Tilt back slightly and raise your legs off the  ground without any space in between your legs
4.    Tip your  kneels  to one side
5.     Move your extended arms to other side
6.    Start breathing
7.     Do this 10 times

 This pose is very similar to yoga position 5. In this position, you don’t need to tip your kneels to one side and your extended arms to other side. Both will be straight at your front.
 This pose is called WHEEL POSE. It can be done with the following steps
1.                  Lie on your back
2.                Start to lift your hips off the ground slowly towards the ceiling
3.                Continue lifting your hips until your feet and hands are flat on the ground
4.                Separate your legs from each other
5.                 Separate your arms from each other
6.                Have 10 breaths


  This one is known as PLANK POSE. Just make sure you are the push – up position at least for 1 minute or more depending on your capability.

Lastly, All these yoga positions have been tested and proven to be the fastest fat burning yoga moves by yoga experts. Therefore, they are highly recommended

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Best Ways on How to Increase Metabolism and Burn Fat

You might be thinking that to burn fat or calories requires lot of workout to be done or do you think exercises only is what you can use to increase your body metabolism? If the answer is YES, you are wrong. There are other easy, economical  and better ways apart from exercise that can make you to increase your body metabolism and burn fat. If these ways can be taken seriously and stick to it, you are sure of burning fat and calories of your choice. The following are the tips. Happy reading.

Eat Food With Protein:   The first best way to increase metabolism as well as burning the fat is to make sure you consume enough protein regularly. This will allow you to have lean muscle. The more protein food you can consume, the more lean muscle you will be able to build and the more calories  and fat you can burn which will come as a result of your increase in your body metabolism
Don’t Consume Too Much Protein At A Sitting:  Avoid taking too much of protein at a go as this can lead to  fat storage. Know that your body has limited grams of protein it can use at a particular time which is 30 grams. If you have more than 30grams of protein at a go , the remaining will be converted to fat . Therefore, make sure you only target minimum of 46g of protein a day
Always Avoid Constant Anxiety:  Make sure you try all your best to run away from anxiety or too much worries. Know that constant anxiety can lower the rate at which your metabolism works which can lead to fat storage

Have Enough Meditation:  Whenever you are undergoing stress or anxiety, make it a regular habit to use meditation like yoga to reduce the stress. With yoga, the level of cortisol, which always reduce the body metabolism rate, will be reduced paving the ways for raise in fat burning.
Have Regular Vigorous Exercise: Make sure you always have at least 45 – minute high – intensity exercise. With this, you will be able to increase your RMR by 37 percent for at least 14 hours even after the exercise.
Always Relax After Tough Exercise:  Having interval relaxation after your high – intensity exercise will definitely increase your metabolism rate which can burn more than 200 calorie. This is because your body needs extra energy to come back to it normal state; as this energy is being formed more calories are being burned.
Do weight lifting regularly:  Make sure you do weight lifting constantly after your regular exercise as this will help you to maintain and sustain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism high. This is very important because the more older you get,  the more muscle mass you are losing. Therefore, if you can do enough lifting, your muscle mass will remain the same. At least two or three times a week of 15 to 30 minutes are enough.
Have Right Amount of Sleep:  Make sure you have up to seven or eight hours of nap a night. As this is the recommended hour of sleeping that can make your metabolism stay high as well as burn fat. That is if you sleep less or more than this, your metabolism rate will be reduced and more fat will be stored in your body
Always Feed On Fruit ,Fiber and Vegetables:  Research has shown that fiber aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels and make body metabolism rate high. Also, the presence of antioxidants in fruit and vegetable helps in removing free radicals which is can destroy  your healthy cells that you need for your body metabolism up keeping.
Lastly, the above tips have been proven as the best ways to increase your body metabolism and burn fat. If each of these tips can be practiced every weeks, long – lasting increase in body metabolism rate is guaranteed.

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Women: How To Feel Good At Your Shapes Fitness

Some women believe that they are fat while some think that they are slim. These two sets of women concluded their believes due to the information they are sending to their brain about the size and shape of their body. That is to say, If you are sending slim feeling information to your brain everyday, you will definitely feel slimming and if the reverse is the case, you will be feeling as fat person.  Since there is no organ or tissues or other things that can detect whether one is fat or thin.
If you want to be feeling as someone that is slim, this article will show you some proven and tested best things to do to make you feel slimming

 Always Put On Red Color Object:  It has been discovered that red color always gives boldness and respect, attraction as well as publicity. Therefore, make sure you wear red either on your lip, nail or clothes. This will make people especially opposite sex to be attracted to you and make you feel  having good slimming shapes fitness.
Always Add Belt To Your Dress Up:  If you can be wearing belt as part of your dressing, this will make you feel that you have good shapes fitness that can be proud of. Although you might find it difficult to use, but make sure you adapt to its usage.

Avoid Too Much of Accessories Usage:  If you always wear fabulous shoes, big pair of earrings, lip gloss and likes will  make you feel fat even if you are slim. Therefore, make sure you run away from all these accessories if you want to have slimming feeling.
Always Put On Fitted Clothes:  Always make sure you avoid baggy clothes that can make you feel bigger and try to let your wardrobe full of fitted and tailored clothes like blazers. This will constantly make you have good slimming shapes feelings.
Use Nude – Colored Pumps: Most women that are short always feel that they are fat. If this is your case, make sure you always use pumps to make your legs appear longer  which will definitely give you good sliming feeling. Know that you should let these pumps have the same color as your skin tone.
Use Bra That Lift Bust Line: If you have been feeling that you are fat, it might be because you are using wrong bra. Make sure you are using only bra that can raise your boob  up very well which will increase the distance between your boobs and the hips. This will make you to feel more slimming in shapes fitness.
Avoid Foods That Cause Bloating: If you are bloating regularly, this can make you feel fat. This is because you have been feeding on  rich and fatty foods, gum as well as artificial sweeteners. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of water intake and avoid bloat – causing menu.
Increase Your Meditation: Always make sure you have good mindfulness meditation like yoga which can make your gray matter density in your brain stem to be increased. With this, you will be able to improve in self – control  emotionally.

Lastly,  I highly recommended these tips for you if you are being feeling fat where as people are saying you are slim. All these tips have been used, tested and proven.

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Best guides on how to burn fat fast

It is the desire of every living man or woman  to easily and quickly burn fat or calories. Some people have even gone to the extend of using crash diets like cayenne lemonade and cabbage soup and the outcome has been total failure in the sense that using crash diets has lots of unfavorable side effects  and also it results in more weight gain after the completion of these crash diets.  Research has shown that burning fat easily and fast is completely possible. It can only be achieved in a healthy and hygienic ways which can make devoted dieter to easily lose  up to 5 pounds per week with constant, rigorous exercise and properly selected diet. Burning fat can be achieved easily and quickly if the following basics can be adhered to

Consume Less Calories:  The first basic is make sure you take in lesser calories than what you burn. This might be difficult to do  but make sure you stick to it. That is always remind your self that you are to eat food with low calories of 1000 – 1200 calories a day. This should be in conjunction with vigorous exercises for at least 60 minutes. With this, you will have fast and easy fat burning of your choice.  If you can stick  to this basic routinely, it will make you to burn up to 5 pound of fat  a week and even more.

Avoid Starchy and  Salty Diet:  Make sure you always run away from starchy foods as well as salty food. This avoidance of these types of foods will make you to burn up to 5 pounds of fat two weeks after your starting time

Eat Lot of Next To Nothing Caloric Content Food:  Always make sure that your diet consist majorly of foods like vegetables, fruits, egg whites, fish, and over 90% lean meat. All these foods have the lowest calories.

Drink Lot of Water:  Always make sure you take in lot of water especially cold water. As this will make your body to increase metabolism. 

Do Not Skip Meals: Make sure  you do not allow your break fast to skip. This is very important as this will keep your metabolism up and the result is good fat burning. 

Do Lot of Cardiovascular Exercise:  To have fast and easy body fat burning of your desire, make sure you have at least 60 minutes  of cardiovascular exercise a day.  If you are new to this exercise, start from low level. As you become stronger, you can increase your cardio tolerance in term of time and intensity. 

Weigh Yourself Daily:   Make sure have daily weigh. As this will help you to know whether you are progressing or not. Also, it will let you know the most effective fat burning workouts.

Lastly,  all these guides or tips will surely make you to burn more fat. That is the reason I am recommending these guides to you. Know that these best guides have been used by many obese and the result has been satisfaction.

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Best daily routines to gain muscle

Do you know that you don’t need to go to gym before you can gain muscle? Know that not all the body builders you have been seen around you go to fitness center to gain muscle. You can gain muscle and burn fat easily with some common inexpensive tools which you can be making use of in your room. The main thing you will focus on to get your desired result is to be persistence in your exercise. The following are the best and inexpensive routines to give you more muscle.

Free Weight Exercises:  Dumbbells and barbells are two good tools for free weight exercise. With these tools ,you  can gain more muscle than most machines at the fitness centre. Also you can have them with lesser money and their storage is easy. Make sure you have at home different sizes of them at home.

 Core Exercises:  Rows and bridges, presses, pushups, crunches and planks are core exercises you can be doing daily to gain muscle. For example, rows and bridges can work greatly for your back muscle while presses and pushups can be done for you to gain chest muscle. Curls, raises and dips exercises are best for arms muscle while weighted squats and lunges can be used to build muscle in the legs. Make sure you constantly do each of these everyday at for 10 – 15 minutes.
Move to Reach Fatigue  Exercises:  Medium weight like 10-lb weight or heavy weight like 15-lb weight will effectively produce more muscular strength for you. Therefore, make sure you try to use heavy weights whenever possible with the goal of having good form. For example, you can try to do up to 25 reps of lateral raises for 90 seconds for 10-lb weight or 6 reps of lateral raises for 15-lb weight in 30 seconds. Know that this routine is not meant for those who are just new to muscle gain exercises. It is for those that are already strong.
Strength Workouts:  You can also gain muscular strength, if you make strength training as one of your  routine exercises. Make sure you have at least two strength trainings every week. If you have any tissue tears or damages during your training, make sure give your self time for your muscles to relax and rebuild.
 Eat Healthy Foods:  Always make sure you eat healthy and nutritious food which have lot of protein. With this you will gain more muscle. Diets like dairy food , egg white meat are great foods in gaining weight easily.  Eating between 1 and 1.5 g protein for each kilogram of your body weight is recommended by the nutritionist.
Lastly, all these routines being discussed above are been highly recommended by American Council on Exercise  (ACE) and  American College of Sports Medicine which indicates that they have been tested scientifically. Therefore, make sure that each of these workouts is done at least 5 – 10 minutes daily per week to have muscle gain of your choice

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Most effective exercises to burn calories fast

Most people want to burn calories but don’t know the best and easiest way to do it. All experts will tell you that the best way to lose fat or burn calories is through exercise. The word “exercise” is compound word. That is there are different type of exercises. Which ones are they referring to? This write up will outline the most effective exercises to burn your body calories fast as well as giving you lean muscles.

Cycling:  Spinning or cycling is great way to lose fat and one of the main calorie burner of all time.  Make sure you do spinning  when you get to your gym next time for at least 30 minutes or if you prefer outdoor exercises, you can ride your bike around rigorously.

Running:  Although most people don’t  like running to be part of their exercises to burn calories or fat but there is no doubt, running is one of the easiest ways lose fat fast. With running, you can tone your leg as well as your butt.  If you are just starting running exercise, make sure the time you spend in running is base on your capabilities and increase it as you become stronger .

Step Aerobics: This type of exercise is been considered by people as obsolete way of burning calories but it is widely accepted as one of the most  effective ways of burning fat or losing weight. If you can do it for an hour for at least three time a week , you can burn up to 800 calories in all part of your body. Also, it will make your heart rate to increase and supply enough oxygen to your muscles and body. With this your metabolism will increase.  It is a great way to tone up.

Swimming:  This has been  tested and proven as one the best ways to burn fat . This is because it always tones all muscle of the body as well as giving good cardio workouts.

Weight lifting: Weight lifting as been considered as one of the best ways to build  muscles and lose fat. When next you get to gym, don’t be afraid to use their weight lifting provisions. Most gyms are equipped with modern weight lifting machines which can make you to work the muscle safely. Always remember to alternate your weight lifting exercises. That is, if you weight lift your arm today, make sure that next lifting exercise will be for your legs and so on

                 Lastly, it is highly recommended that if you can do one of these exercises at least 30 minutes everyday for a week and change to another next and so on like that, you will DEFINITELY get stronger body and lasting body fit of your choice.

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