Best Ways on How to Increase Metabolism and Burn Fat

You might be thinking that to burn fat or calories requires lot of workout to be done or do you think exercises only is what you can use to increase your body metabolism? If the answer is YES, you are wrong. There are other easy, economical  and better ways apart from exercise that can make you to increase your body metabolism and burn fat. If these ways can be taken seriously and stick to it, you are sure of burning fat and calories of your choice. The following are the tips. Happy reading.

Eat Food With Protein:   The first best way to increase metabolism as well as burning the fat is to make sure you consume enough protein regularly. This will allow you to have lean muscle. The more protein food you can consume, the more lean muscle you will be able to build and the more calories  and fat you can burn which will come as a result of your increase in your body metabolism
Don’t Consume Too Much Protein At A Sitting:  Avoid taking too much of protein at a go as this can lead to  fat storage. Know that your body has limited grams of protein it can use at a particular time which is 30 grams. If you have more than 30grams of protein at a go , the remaining will be converted to fat . Therefore, make sure you only target minimum of 46g of protein a day
Always Avoid Constant Anxiety:  Make sure you try all your best to run away from anxiety or too much worries. Know that constant anxiety can lower the rate at which your metabolism works which can lead to fat storage

Have Enough Meditation:  Whenever you are undergoing stress or anxiety, make it a regular habit to use meditation like yoga to reduce the stress. With yoga, the level of cortisol, which always reduce the body metabolism rate, will be reduced paving the ways for raise in fat burning.
Have Regular Vigorous Exercise: Make sure you always have at least 45 – minute high – intensity exercise. With this, you will be able to increase your RMR by 37 percent for at least 14 hours even after the exercise.
Always Relax After Tough Exercise:  Having interval relaxation after your high – intensity exercise will definitely increase your metabolism rate which can burn more than 200 calorie. This is because your body needs extra energy to come back to it normal state; as this energy is being formed more calories are being burned.
Do weight lifting regularly:  Make sure you do weight lifting constantly after your regular exercise as this will help you to maintain and sustain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism high. This is very important because the more older you get,  the more muscle mass you are losing. Therefore, if you can do enough lifting, your muscle mass will remain the same. At least two or three times a week of 15 to 30 minutes are enough.
Have Right Amount of Sleep:  Make sure you have up to seven or eight hours of nap a night. As this is the recommended hour of sleeping that can make your metabolism stay high as well as burn fat. That is if you sleep less or more than this, your metabolism rate will be reduced and more fat will be stored in your body
Always Feed On Fruit ,Fiber and Vegetables:  Research has shown that fiber aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels and make body metabolism rate high. Also, the presence of antioxidants in fruit and vegetable helps in removing free radicals which is can destroy  your healthy cells that you need for your body metabolism up keeping.
Lastly, the above tips have been proven as the best ways to increase your body metabolism and burn fat. If each of these tips can be practiced every weeks, long – lasting increase in body metabolism rate is guaranteed.

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