Women: How To Feel Good At Your Shapes Fitness

Some women believe that they are fat while some think that they are slim. These two sets of women concluded their believes due to the information they are sending to their brain about the size and shape of their body. That is to say, If you are sending slim feeling information to your brain everyday, you will definitely feel slimming and if the reverse is the case, you will be feeling as fat person.  Since there is no organ or tissues or other things that can detect whether one is fat or thin.
If you want to be feeling as someone that is slim, this article will show you some proven and tested best things to do to make you feel slimming

 Always Put On Red Color Object:  It has been discovered that red color always gives boldness and respect, attraction as well as publicity. Therefore, make sure you wear red either on your lip, nail or clothes. This will make people especially opposite sex to be attracted to you and make you feel  having good slimming shapes fitness.
Always Add Belt To Your Dress Up:  If you can be wearing belt as part of your dressing, this will make you feel that you have good shapes fitness that can be proud of. Although you might find it difficult to use, but make sure you adapt to its usage.

Avoid Too Much of Accessories Usage:  If you always wear fabulous shoes, big pair of earrings, lip gloss and likes will  make you feel fat even if you are slim. Therefore, make sure you run away from all these accessories if you want to have slimming feeling.
Always Put On Fitted Clothes:  Always make sure you avoid baggy clothes that can make you feel bigger and try to let your wardrobe full of fitted and tailored clothes like blazers. This will constantly make you have good slimming shapes feelings.
Use Nude – Colored Pumps: Most women that are short always feel that they are fat. If this is your case, make sure you always use pumps to make your legs appear longer  which will definitely give you good sliming feeling. Know that you should let these pumps have the same color as your skin tone.
Use Bra That Lift Bust Line: If you have been feeling that you are fat, it might be because you are using wrong bra. Make sure you are using only bra that can raise your boob  up very well which will increase the distance between your boobs and the hips. This will make you to feel more slimming in shapes fitness.
Avoid Foods That Cause Bloating: If you are bloating regularly, this can make you feel fat. This is because you have been feeding on  rich and fatty foods, gum as well as artificial sweeteners. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of water intake and avoid bloat – causing menu.
Increase Your Meditation: Always make sure you have good mindfulness meditation like yoga which can make your gray matter density in your brain stem to be increased. With this, you will be able to improve in self – control  emotionally.

Lastly,  I highly recommended these tips for you if you are being feeling fat where as people are saying you are slim. All these tips have been used, tested and proven.

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