How bad eating habits can make you broke

bad eating habitsBad eating habits can be described as the behavior by which people eat or consume any food that can make him or her to overweight which can definitely turn to obesity. Also, some experts also describe it as craving for unhealthy meals always. From this definition, you will realize that bad eating habits definitely lead to obesity as well as overweight.
Lots and lots of people had really treated widely the healthy consequences that obesity or overweight brings to the obese like heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. That’s not all, it has just been discovered that obesity or overweight can make any obese broke. How?  The research has revealed that obese spend more on the following

1.   Health and life insurance costs:  The amount of money being charged (anybody with obesity is higher than those who are slim in nature )by the insurance companies which increases every year.

2.    Medical expenses: The cost of maintaining obesity is very high. This is because the diseases that are being caused by overweight are very difficult to treat. It is also very time consuming one in term of treatment. Therefore, this makes obesity treatment cost intensive.

3.    Food and clothing costs: All obese crave for food always which means they spend more money on food than others who are not obese. With this food craving, it resulted into overweight and requires the obese to spend more on clothing.

4.    Lost of salary/wages:  Most of people that are suffering from obesity always fall sick which makes them to always visit hospital for doctor attentions. With this, their absenteeism is very high from the office which makes them to loss their salary or wages.

Putting all the  above obese expenditure analysis together, it has been discovered that annual cost of being obese in the United States is $2,646 for men and $4,879 for women. 

Therefore, losing this huge sum of amount to obesity is very alarming and it can be prevented. Here is one of the ways to prevent obesity.

Finally, I strongly advise you to avoid bad eating habits in order to escape losing more and more money to obesity every year. Also know that reading this article will help you to lose fatfast which make keep you from obesity.


Secret Guides to Best Fat Burning Exercises in less Than 120 Seconds

Do you know that you can convert that 2 minutes you always use to gist or discuss that irrelevant things to burn more fat?. LESS THAN TWO MINUTES!!!  You are surprised. Yes, less than two minutes. How? Before I reveal ways of achieving this to you, let me ask you these questions. Have you been exercising or doing one or two workouts being recommended or read  which take you more than 120 seconds but no result to show for it despite your very tight schedule? If  Yes, then are you ready to have ultimate solution once and for all? Nod your head? then, let me NOW show you the highly kept secret guides to burn fat with exercises in less than 2 minutes. Know that each of these workouts only take you 15 seconds to do and for you to get  very effective result, make sure you make it as your daily routine before zooming to the bathroom in the morning and don’t forget that it should be combined with good and complete nutrition. With this, you will be able to get very effective result.


  • Lie flat on your back in a parallel form to the floor,
  • Bend your knees and make sure your feet is parallel to the floor
  • Use both your left and right hands to raise your head off floor
  • Repeat step 3 for about 15 seconds

Press - Up

  • Lie flat on your belly with your arms spread beside you which make you to be like letter T
  • Bend your arms and raise your body off the floor
  • Lower your body till your chest is about to get in contact with floor and raise your body again
  • Repeat step 3  for about 15 minutes

High knees

  • Stand straight at a point
  • Raise you right knee high and lower it back to the floor and swing your  hands  in opposite direction to each other
  • Raise your left knee high and lower it back to the floor and swing your  hands  in opposite direction to each other
  • Repeat step 2 and 3 for 15 seconds

Side-to-side hops


  • Put your feet together
  • Use your right foot to push off the floor and land on your left foot
  • Then push off the floor with your left foot and land on your right
  • Repeat  step 2 and 3 for 15 seconds.

 Jumping Jacks


  • Let your feet wide apart with your hands beside you
  • Raise your arms above your head and jump at the same time
  • Repeat steps 2 for 15 seconds

Prisoner squats

  • Stand with your feet apart and your hands at the back of your head
  • Bend down until your knees are at 90 degree
  • Move back to the top
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for 15 seconds

Mountain climbers

  • Do as If you want to run a marathon with your hands touching the floor
  •  Move forward and backward repeatedly for 15 seconds.

Lastly, if all these workouts can be done routinely as directed it is rest assured that lot of fat will be burned within a very short time. This is because all the exercises had been tested and proven by the fitness experts.

How To Reduce Stress With 5 Best Proven Exercises

Have you been experiencing the following symptoms:  exhaustion, loss of appetite, boost in appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and oversleeping, feelings of alarm, frustration, or apathy. All these symptoms always indicate that you are been stressed up. Stress has been considered as one of problems that people find very hard to handle successfully. Some people are on very expensive drug in order to handle this stress and still, there are no apparent changes in the level of stress they are undergoing. Can someone be free totally from this stress or have great reduction in stress with lowest budget if not at zero cost?  YES! YES! and YES. With your exercises. How? This is the question which this article will answer for you. That is how can you reduce stress with 5 best proven exercises. The following 5 exercises will greatly reduce your stress if done constantly.

Constant practice of yoga helps in reducing anxiety levels and mood of the body. This is as a result of increased levels of GABA, neurotransmitter and an amino acid. Also with yoga, body organ  can reach optimal  levels of functioning which helps in increasing body relaxation. To have good result from yoga, make sure you take your yoga class for at least one hour a week or 10 minutes of yoga everyday will also make you to have good look and have great reduction of stress.

One of the symptoms of stress is sleeplessness. If you have not been able to sleep due to your stress, then try using Pilates exercises to solve it. It has been discovered recently that people that practices Pilates three times a week for 15 weeks spending 50 minutes per weeks  sleep more than those without Pilates which makes them to be more relaxed  with great reduction in stress levels.

If you can make cycling as one of your chosen exercises, your energy levels will surely increase as this will give your brain a very positive electrical charges which activate brain neural circuit that produces  energy. Make sure you at least cycle for 30 minutes everyday. With this you will have good reduction in the stress.

Weight Lifting
If you have intention to reduce stress then do more of weight lifting. It has been discovered that  good and constant weight lifting helps to improve ability to execute things like carrying out good plan, control behavior , good decision making as well as multitasking operations. All these are possible when the body are less stressed. Therefore, for you to have perfect result from weigh lifting, make sure you do your weight lifting exercises 5 times a week for good one month.

Taichi is the combination of ancient Chinese movement and positions. Taichi helps in reducing stress in the way by which body is moved with good breathing rhythm. With these, body muscles will be relaxed and mind is calmed which leads to body strength, balance and flexibility improvements. In order to use taichi to reduce your stress, make sure you practice it for 20 minutes every morning.

Lastly, the above mentioned exercises will surely help you to reduce your stress without big spending. What you just need is time. Therefore, they are highly recommended if you are to reduce stress fast at very low cost.

10 Best Ultimate Tips How To Boost Metabolism

Every body that engages in one or two things in the name of losing weight always targets increase in body metabolism. The rate at which some people increase their body metabolism differs from others. That is to say, some can easily boost their body metabolism fast while it take lot of good and rigorous exercises for other to improve their body metabolism. Although, research  has shown that men  naturally have good increase in body metabolism than women. Also, it has been widely known that most people metabolism remains  steady whenever they reach the age of 40. From this you will realize that two main factors that can make you to reduce in body metabolism are gender and age which nobody has no control over. Therefore, how can you then increase your body metabolism regardless of your age and sex. The following 10 best ultimate tips how to speed up your metabolism will definitely give you the best and proven ways out.

Drink More Water
Always make sure you drink enough quantity of water everyday in order for your body to burn more calories. It has been discovered by the expert that the more water you take, the more calories your body will have ability to process which will lead to boosting in body metabolism. Therefore,  make sure you have at least eight glass of water everyday  for you to stay hydrated.  Also, make sure you always feed on fresh fruit and vegetables which are naturally fluid oriented things.

Always Increase Your Aerobic exercises
In order to speed up your body metabolism, make sure you stick to constant and more rigorous exercises. It might be at your gym or home. Although, this may not allow you to have enough muscle you need to boost your metabolism but it will increase your metabolism after you complete your exercise.

Have More  Taurine and Amino Acid Based Drinks
Whenever you want to take any drink make sure you check its ingredients if it has taurine and amino acid as part of its ingredients. The main reason for this is that taurine and amino acid had been known for their ability to speed up body metabolism as well as aid in fat burning.

Always Eat Small Food Every 3 to 4 Hours
Don’t  cultivate eating  large food at a sitting. This can make your body metabolism to become slower. Instead break your meal into smaller one and eat them at 3 to 4 hours intervals. With this, your body metabolism will definitely be increased.

Always Have More Protein – Rich Food  Intake
Make sure you have lot and lots intake of protein – rich food which easily speed up the body metabolism. The food like lean beef, white meat chicken, fish , low fat dairy foods and so on should be part of your food timetable. The purpose of this is that it has been discovered that body always burns more calories during the digestion process of protein which make it to always boost body metabolism.

Spice Your Food With Chili Pepper
Always make sure you add chopped red or green chili pepper into you food as this can speed up your body metabolism. Although the metabolism rate increment of chili pepper might be small but if you can be having constant food spiced with chili pepper, it will definitely add up.

Drink More Green Tea
Always make sure you have up to two or four cups of green tea after your intense exercise. With this you will be able to burn up to 17% of calories which leads to increase in your body metabolism. This is due to presence of caffeine and catechins in the green tea.

Concentrate More On Muscle Building
Make sure you try all your possible effort to be building muscle continuously. Because the more muscle you build, the more calories you are burning.

 Lastly, if these proven tips on how to speed up metabolism  can be stick to religiously, there is doubt, you will definitely boost your body metabolism faster than you think. So, if you are one of the people that is having body metabolism challenges, make sure you utilize all these one after the other, you will SURELY SMILE and HAPPY.


Why Am I Not Losing Weight: 8 Main Causes and Solutions(Part 2)

In the first part of the why am i not losing weight: 8 main causes and solutions, about four main causes and its corresponding solutions were discussed. This page is the concluding part of the article. Happy reading and enjoy it

Don’t Depend On Scale Measurement Alone
You might be one of the die hard fans of scale measurement. That is, you don’t believe in any other ways of measuring weight except scale. If you are like that, sometime you might have lost weight without you knowing and still thinking  that you have not lost any weight because you are expecting scale to move.

SOLUTION: Always use other means of  measuring weight loss like wearing you clothes which will be more spacious on you than before and so on. Even if scale is not moving , you must have lost some weight.

You Might Be Affected By Other Medical Illness
If you are sure that all your workout programs are stick to accordingly as well as being careful on type of food you consume still you are not losing weight, you might have some underlying problems which might need medical attentions.

SOLUTION: Make sure you visit your medical provider to know what happens as well as what to do about it.

You Don’t Have Enough Sleep
If you do not have enough sleep, you might not see any result in your body weight losing. This is because your inability to have enough rest will make your body to produce a hormone called cortisol which is responsible for body fat storage. Also, it has been discovered that inability to sleep can affect  hunger hormones “ghrelin” and “leptin” which can make you to eat more.

SOLUTION: Make sure you have up to 6 to 7 hour of sleep everyday.

You Always Eat Late
If you don’t always eat at the right time. You will not see any good result of weight losing. This is because if you don’t eat as at when due, it will make you to eat junks when you are ready to eat because you might have been too hungry to think of good balance diet.

SOLUTION: Always make sure you have food timetable which will help you to avoid eating junks and make sure you stick with it

Lastly, If you have been have why  am I not losing Weight challenge, the  main causes and its  solutions had been giving to you. What you just need is to make sure you stick to its solutions religiously, you will DEFINITELY  see result fast. Believe me, know that all these causes and solutions are been proven and tested

Why Am I Not Losing Weight: 8 Main Causes and Solutions(Part 1)

Are you one of the people that has tried every means of losing weight without any result? That is, you have spent much of your time and money at gym doing different types of exercises  as well as dieting but you have little things to show for it in term of weight losing result you are getting from all these workouts.  Yes, all these workouts are the best,  efficient and highly recommended by expert, but still you are not getting satisfactory result. If this is what you are facing which has been battling your mind and make you to be fed up with your weight losing workouts. You have come to the right place to find the causes and the solutions to your why am I not losing weight challenges once and for all. Just make sure you stick to the solutions provided for you and you will definitely see your desire result fast.
Therefore, the following are pure truth about why cant I lose weight causes and its corresponding solution

Your Foods Are Full Of Calories
This is the first causes of your inability to lose weight despite the number of workouts you have engaged in. You might be doing lot of exercises which definitely help in burning out good amount of calories but if the type of food you are feeding on are calories generated food, you will not see any changes in your body weight loss. This is because as you are burning the calories, you are still returning it through your food.  Those foods you are feeding on might even be generating more calories than what you have burnt without you knowing.

SOLUTION:  Make sure you do your exercises  regularly and make sure you are selective in type of food to be fed on. If you are not sure whether a food can generating calories, ask from the food expert or make enquiries about it from the internet before consuming it also eat moderately

You Do Not Combine Any Other Workout With Exercises
It is widely accepted that exercises really help in losing weight. But lots and lots of people do not know that the number of calories being burnt by the exercises is not much as people think. Therefore, if you rely on exercises only as major means of burning fat to lose weight, you might be disappointed.  For example, 60 minutes of rigorous exercises can only burn just 400 – 500 calories which it can be generated back by your food easily within some minutes. So if care is not taken of type of food you consume along with your exercises you will not see any result.

SOLUTION: Make sure you focus on good exercises regularly and be careful and selective on your food in take.

You Might Be Doing Inefficient Workout
This is an area where you must understand very well before you start doing any form of exercises. If you don’t know the different between exercises and cardio, you will not see any result. Exercises and cardio are being used interchangeably but they are meant for different things. Cardio is best in losing weight because it is meant to burn calories while exercise like strength training is meant to minimize number of muscle loss. Therefore, if you are focusing more on exercises and less on cardio, you will not see your desire result fast

SOLUTION: Make sure you do lot of cardio like push up, dumbbell , yoga and so on more than  exercise

 You Have Irregular Exercises
If you are not regular in your exercises and cardio workout, you will not see any result of your desire. When dieting or exercises to lose weight, make sure you stick to your program always. For instance, if you have set aside 10 minutes every day to do some exercises or c ardio, make sure you stick to that until you achieve your desire weight lose. But if you do it for a week and forgo it for another week, those calories you burnt must have returned back to your body which will make you not to see any result of your exercises.

SOLUTION: Make sure you do your exercises consistently with good moderation and control

Click to read concluding part here......

5 Best Walk Workouts to Lose Weight

If going to gym is very expensive to you or you don’t have enough time to do some time - taken exercises in order to lose weight or you are afraid of some workouts which might affect some part of your body which might cause pains to you. Then there is other way by which you can easily burn fat and lose weight and it is almost FREE. WALKING! WALKING!! WALKING !!!.  With walking, if you can stick to it religiously, you can easily lose up to 20 pounds of weight in no time. The question that I think will come to your mind is how can I walk to lose weight?  What type of walk can I do to lose weight? This questions are what this article will guide you on to effectively achieve your goal. Therefore below are some of the best walk workouts to make you lose weight fast and it is being accompanied with pose images.

Walking Workout 1


Steps to take in achieving very effective weight lose using this type of walk workout are these
Make sure you step forward with your right foot and your arms raising towards your head (i.e. 45 degree to your armpit) with your palms facing one another. When you are about to move forward with your left foot, raise your arms to be straight toward the sky. Continue repeating the steps for both the right and left foot.

Walking Workout 2

For walking workout 2, the following are the steps to take to achieve the workout perfectly
Make sure you stand straight on your toe with your arms perpendicular to your shoulder like aero plane wing then bend your elbow at angle 90 degrees which will make your palm to be straight towards the sky, walk for 1 minute while you are at this pose then bend forward in goalpost pose be at this position for another 60 second. Continue like between 5 to 10 minutes

Walking Workout 3

Take the following steps for you to see the workout full result
Stand straight on your foot with your leg wide apart, lower your body until your knee is 90 degrees to your legs. Make sure your arms are place on each thigh and start walking like this for at least 60 seconds

Walking Workout 4


If you can follow these steps, you will have great result from this workout.
Stand straight on your foot then raise your right leg with your knee being bent at angle 90 degrees. Swing your left arm to touch your raised right leg. Do the same to the left leg with your right arm swing to touch it. Continue like this for one minute.

                                               Walking Workout 5

Try to follow these steps to have good outcome of the workout
Stand straight on your foot, form fist with your hands then bend your right arm elbow and let it be at your chest. Raise your left arms above your shoulder.  Move forward with your left foot while you are at this position. Repeat the same with your left fist while moving forward with your right foot. Continue this for 1 minute.

Lastly, know that all these walking workouts have been used by many experts and it has been discovered that up to 20 pounds can be lost if they can be stick to. Therefore, these workouts are highly recommended.