Fastest Fat Burning Yoga Positions And Moves

Yoga has been known as one of the best workouts to burn fat fast. There are different types of yoga positions and moves which you can use to burn fat. The question is which of these positions help in burning fat fast with ease? This article will disclose the best and fastest yoga positions and moves to burn fat which will really engage your muscle and give your body everlasting fat burning of your choice . All these positions don’t need you to pose for a long period before you see the effect. Each time you engage in any of these positions, you will definitely build lean muscle and strength. Just make sure you pose for at least 10 breaths for some of them or at least 1 minute for others. No pain or injury can be got  from any of them. Happy reading

The yoga pose in the picture above is a good yoga pose to make you have core muscle engagement.  You don’t need to spend lot of time at this pose to build muscle and strength. What you just need is to make sure you have at least 10 breaths on the pose

 In order to do the above yoga position successfully, you can follow these steps
1.                  Make sure your back is firmly pressed to the ground
2.                Raise your legs (both) straight to the ceiling until it stand at 90 degree to your butt
3.                Put a block or sturdy throw pillow in between your upper thigh
4.                Pose for at least 10 breaths. This one depend on your  pose ability. if you have more strength to do more than that you can do it


 This pose procedures are the same as yoga position 2. The only different is that your legs will be at angle 45 degree to your butt and make sure that your back is not raised up the ground so that your lower back will not be affected. Go over this 10 times

This yoga move is basically meant for spine strengthening rather than abdominal workout. The best steps you can take to achieve this go thus
1.                  Lie on your  back and raise your legs straight to the ceiling
2.                Move your legs towards your head
3.                Continue moving your legs until your kneel touches your forehead. Make sure you do it slowly so that you don’t feel any pain in your back
4.                Move you legs back to angle 90 degree to your butt again and return it to touch your forehead again
5.                 Do this 10 times

 This type of yoga is called BOAT POSE. The following steps will make it easier to be achieved effectively.
1.      Sit down and bend your kneel with your feet flat on the floor
2.    Straight your arms towards your kneel
3.    Tilt back slightly and raise your legs off the  ground without any space in between your legs
4.    Tip your  kneels  to one side
5.     Move your extended arms to other side
6.    Start breathing
7.     Do this 10 times

 This pose is very similar to yoga position 5. In this position, you don’t need to tip your kneels to one side and your extended arms to other side. Both will be straight at your front.
 This pose is called WHEEL POSE. It can be done with the following steps
1.                  Lie on your back
2.                Start to lift your hips off the ground slowly towards the ceiling
3.                Continue lifting your hips until your feet and hands are flat on the ground
4.                Separate your legs from each other
5.                 Separate your arms from each other
6.                Have 10 breaths


  This one is known as PLANK POSE. Just make sure you are the push – up position at least for 1 minute or more depending on your capability.

Lastly, All these yoga positions have been tested and proven to be the fastest fat burning yoga moves by yoga experts. Therefore, they are highly recommended

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