5 Best Walk Workouts to Lose Weight

If going to gym is very expensive to you or you don’t have enough time to do some time - taken exercises in order to lose weight or you are afraid of some workouts which might affect some part of your body which might cause pains to you. Then there is other way by which you can easily burn fat and lose weight and it is almost FREE. WALKING! WALKING!! WALKING !!!.  With walking, if you can stick to it religiously, you can easily lose up to 20 pounds of weight in no time. The question that I think will come to your mind is how can I walk to lose weight?  What type of walk can I do to lose weight? This questions are what this article will guide you on to effectively achieve your goal. Therefore below are some of the best walk workouts to make you lose weight fast and it is being accompanied with pose images.

Walking Workout 1


Steps to take in achieving very effective weight lose using this type of walk workout are these
Make sure you step forward with your right foot and your arms raising towards your head (i.e. 45 degree to your armpit) with your palms facing one another. When you are about to move forward with your left foot, raise your arms to be straight toward the sky. Continue repeating the steps for both the right and left foot.

Walking Workout 2

For walking workout 2, the following are the steps to take to achieve the workout perfectly
Make sure you stand straight on your toe with your arms perpendicular to your shoulder like aero plane wing then bend your elbow at angle 90 degrees which will make your palm to be straight towards the sky, walk for 1 minute while you are at this pose then bend forward in goalpost pose be at this position for another 60 second. Continue like between 5 to 10 minutes

Walking Workout 3

Take the following steps for you to see the workout full result
Stand straight on your foot with your leg wide apart, lower your body until your knee is 90 degrees to your legs. Make sure your arms are place on each thigh and start walking like this for at least 60 seconds

Walking Workout 4


If you can follow these steps, you will have great result from this workout.
Stand straight on your foot then raise your right leg with your knee being bent at angle 90 degrees. Swing your left arm to touch your raised right leg. Do the same to the left leg with your right arm swing to touch it. Continue like this for one minute.

                                               Walking Workout 5

Try to follow these steps to have good outcome of the workout
Stand straight on your foot, form fist with your hands then bend your right arm elbow and let it be at your chest. Raise your left arms above your shoulder.  Move forward with your left foot while you are at this position. Repeat the same with your left fist while moving forward with your right foot. Continue this for 1 minute.

Lastly, know that all these walking workouts have been used by many experts and it has been discovered that up to 20 pounds can be lost if they can be stick to. Therefore, these workouts are highly recommended.