Why Am I Not Losing Weight: 8 Main Causes and Solutions(Part 2)

In the first part of the why am i not losing weight: 8 main causes and solutions, about four main causes and its corresponding solutions were discussed. This page is the concluding part of the article. Happy reading and enjoy it

Don’t Depend On Scale Measurement Alone
You might be one of the die hard fans of scale measurement. That is, you don’t believe in any other ways of measuring weight except scale. If you are like that, sometime you might have lost weight without you knowing and still thinking  that you have not lost any weight because you are expecting scale to move.

SOLUTION: Always use other means of  measuring weight loss like wearing you clothes which will be more spacious on you than before and so on. Even if scale is not moving , you must have lost some weight.

You Might Be Affected By Other Medical Illness
If you are sure that all your workout programs are stick to accordingly as well as being careful on type of food you consume still you are not losing weight, you might have some underlying problems which might need medical attentions.

SOLUTION: Make sure you visit your medical provider to know what happens as well as what to do about it.

You Don’t Have Enough Sleep
If you do not have enough sleep, you might not see any result in your body weight losing. This is because your inability to have enough rest will make your body to produce a hormone called cortisol which is responsible for body fat storage. Also, it has been discovered that inability to sleep can affect  hunger hormones “ghrelin” and “leptin” which can make you to eat more.

SOLUTION: Make sure you have up to 6 to 7 hour of sleep everyday.

You Always Eat Late
If you don’t always eat at the right time. You will not see any good result of weight losing. This is because if you don’t eat as at when due, it will make you to eat junks when you are ready to eat because you might have been too hungry to think of good balance diet.

SOLUTION: Always make sure you have food timetable which will help you to avoid eating junks and make sure you stick with it

Lastly, If you have been have why  am I not losing Weight challenge, the  main causes and its  solutions had been giving to you. What you just need is to make sure you stick to its solutions religiously, you will DEFINITELY  see result fast. Believe me, know that all these causes and solutions are been proven and tested