Best daily routines to gain muscle

Do you know that you don’t need to go to gym before you can gain muscle? Know that not all the body builders you have been seen around you go to fitness center to gain muscle. You can gain muscle and burn fat easily with some common inexpensive tools which you can be making use of in your room. The main thing you will focus on to get your desired result is to be persistence in your exercise. The following are the best and inexpensive routines to give you more muscle.

Free Weight Exercises:  Dumbbells and barbells are two good tools for free weight exercise. With these tools ,you  can gain more muscle than most machines at the fitness centre. Also you can have them with lesser money and their storage is easy. Make sure you have at home different sizes of them at home.

 Core Exercises:  Rows and bridges, presses, pushups, crunches and planks are core exercises you can be doing daily to gain muscle. For example, rows and bridges can work greatly for your back muscle while presses and pushups can be done for you to gain chest muscle. Curls, raises and dips exercises are best for arms muscle while weighted squats and lunges can be used to build muscle in the legs. Make sure you constantly do each of these everyday at for 10 – 15 minutes.
Move to Reach Fatigue  Exercises:  Medium weight like 10-lb weight or heavy weight like 15-lb weight will effectively produce more muscular strength for you. Therefore, make sure you try to use heavy weights whenever possible with the goal of having good form. For example, you can try to do up to 25 reps of lateral raises for 90 seconds for 10-lb weight or 6 reps of lateral raises for 15-lb weight in 30 seconds. Know that this routine is not meant for those who are just new to muscle gain exercises. It is for those that are already strong.
Strength Workouts:  You can also gain muscular strength, if you make strength training as one of your  routine exercises. Make sure you have at least two strength trainings every week. If you have any tissue tears or damages during your training, make sure give your self time for your muscles to relax and rebuild.
 Eat Healthy Foods:  Always make sure you eat healthy and nutritious food which have lot of protein. With this you will gain more muscle. Diets like dairy food , egg white meat are great foods in gaining weight easily.  Eating between 1 and 1.5 g protein for each kilogram of your body weight is recommended by the nutritionist.
Lastly, all these routines being discussed above are been highly recommended by American Council on Exercise  (ACE) and  American College of Sports Medicine which indicates that they have been tested scientifically. Therefore, make sure that each of these workouts is done at least 5 – 10 minutes daily per week to have muscle gain of your choice

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