How To Reduce Stress With 5 Best Proven Exercises

Have you been experiencing the following symptoms:  exhaustion, loss of appetite, boost in appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and oversleeping, feelings of alarm, frustration, or apathy. All these symptoms always indicate that you are been stressed up. Stress has been considered as one of problems that people find very hard to handle successfully. Some people are on very expensive drug in order to handle this stress and still, there are no apparent changes in the level of stress they are undergoing. Can someone be free totally from this stress or have great reduction in stress with lowest budget if not at zero cost?  YES! YES! and YES. With your exercises. How? This is the question which this article will answer for you. That is how can you reduce stress with 5 best proven exercises. The following 5 exercises will greatly reduce your stress if done constantly.

Constant practice of yoga helps in reducing anxiety levels and mood of the body. This is as a result of increased levels of GABA, neurotransmitter and an amino acid. Also with yoga, body organ  can reach optimal  levels of functioning which helps in increasing body relaxation. To have good result from yoga, make sure you take your yoga class for at least one hour a week or 10 minutes of yoga everyday will also make you to have good look and have great reduction of stress.

One of the symptoms of stress is sleeplessness. If you have not been able to sleep due to your stress, then try using Pilates exercises to solve it. It has been discovered recently that people that practices Pilates three times a week for 15 weeks spending 50 minutes per weeks  sleep more than those without Pilates which makes them to be more relaxed  with great reduction in stress levels.

If you can make cycling as one of your chosen exercises, your energy levels will surely increase as this will give your brain a very positive electrical charges which activate brain neural circuit that produces  energy. Make sure you at least cycle for 30 minutes everyday. With this you will have good reduction in the stress.

Weight Lifting
If you have intention to reduce stress then do more of weight lifting. It has been discovered that  good and constant weight lifting helps to improve ability to execute things like carrying out good plan, control behavior , good decision making as well as multitasking operations. All these are possible when the body are less stressed. Therefore, for you to have perfect result from weigh lifting, make sure you do your weight lifting exercises 5 times a week for good one month.

Taichi is the combination of ancient Chinese movement and positions. Taichi helps in reducing stress in the way by which body is moved with good breathing rhythm. With these, body muscles will be relaxed and mind is calmed which leads to body strength, balance and flexibility improvements. In order to use taichi to reduce your stress, make sure you practice it for 20 minutes every morning.

Lastly, the above mentioned exercises will surely help you to reduce your stress without big spending. What you just need is time. Therefore, they are highly recommended if you are to reduce stress fast at very low cost.