Why Am I Not Losing Weight: 8 Main Causes and Solutions(Part 1)

Are you one of the people that has tried every means of losing weight without any result? That is, you have spent much of your time and money at gym doing different types of exercises  as well as dieting but you have little things to show for it in term of weight losing result you are getting from all these workouts.  Yes, all these workouts are the best,  efficient and highly recommended by expert, but still you are not getting satisfactory result. If this is what you are facing which has been battling your mind and make you to be fed up with your weight losing workouts. You have come to the right place to find the causes and the solutions to your why am I not losing weight challenges once and for all. Just make sure you stick to the solutions provided for you and you will definitely see your desire result fast.
Therefore, the following are pure truth about why cant I lose weight causes and its corresponding solution

Your Foods Are Full Of Calories
This is the first causes of your inability to lose weight despite the number of workouts you have engaged in. You might be doing lot of exercises which definitely help in burning out good amount of calories but if the type of food you are feeding on are calories generated food, you will not see any changes in your body weight loss. This is because as you are burning the calories, you are still returning it through your food.  Those foods you are feeding on might even be generating more calories than what you have burnt without you knowing.

SOLUTION:  Make sure you do your exercises  regularly and make sure you are selective in type of food to be fed on. If you are not sure whether a food can generating calories, ask from the food expert or make enquiries about it from the internet before consuming it also eat moderately

You Do Not Combine Any Other Workout With Exercises
It is widely accepted that exercises really help in losing weight. But lots and lots of people do not know that the number of calories being burnt by the exercises is not much as people think. Therefore, if you rely on exercises only as major means of burning fat to lose weight, you might be disappointed.  For example, 60 minutes of rigorous exercises can only burn just 400 – 500 calories which it can be generated back by your food easily within some minutes. So if care is not taken of type of food you consume along with your exercises you will not see any result.

SOLUTION: Make sure you focus on good exercises regularly and be careful and selective on your food in take.

You Might Be Doing Inefficient Workout
This is an area where you must understand very well before you start doing any form of exercises. If you don’t know the different between exercises and cardio, you will not see any result. Exercises and cardio are being used interchangeably but they are meant for different things. Cardio is best in losing weight because it is meant to burn calories while exercise like strength training is meant to minimize number of muscle loss. Therefore, if you are focusing more on exercises and less on cardio, you will not see your desire result fast

SOLUTION: Make sure you do lot of cardio like push up, dumbbell , yoga and so on more than  exercise

 You Have Irregular Exercises
If you are not regular in your exercises and cardio workout, you will not see any result of your desire. When dieting or exercises to lose weight, make sure you stick to your program always. For instance, if you have set aside 10 minutes every day to do some exercises or c ardio, make sure you stick to that until you achieve your desire weight lose. But if you do it for a week and forgo it for another week, those calories you burnt must have returned back to your body which will make you not to see any result of your exercises.

SOLUTION: Make sure you do your exercises consistently with good moderation and control

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