4 Best Fat Burning Workouts For Teens and 20s

Are you in your teen or 20s and looking for the right exercises that can make you lose fat fast? If YES is the ANSWER , then this article is meant for you. You must have known that exercises are being considered as one of the most important thing that makes body to be healthy aside balance diet food. There are lot of workouts that can be used to burn fat but some are more effective for some set of people than the others. That is, some fat burning workouts have been discovered to work more effectively on those that are in their teen or 20s. This stage of life is most perfect stage that can stand the test of any exercise with avoidance of overdoing  so that it will not result into injuries. At this stage, if your can do these exercises for at least 5 minutes for 5 days, you will greatly have significant impact on the health being of your body. What are these exercise plans that are greatly good for anybody that is in teen stage or 20s? The following images clearly show those exercises. Just make sure you follow the image positions.

Workout  1

 When you have achieved this position with your dumb bell in your hand, then start to switch to left sides and right repeatedly for at least 5 minutes

Workout 2 

Make sure you are at the position you are seeing in the workout 2, then start to slowly move your hands down and up. Try to do this for at least 5 minutes.

 Workout 3

 After you have reached the position in the image correctly, move your arms to your front and  back for at least 5 minutes. Note that you must be at this position when moving your arms.
Workout  4 

To achieve this position, lie on your back with your legs at angle 90 to your butt, try to reach your left toes with your right hand and left hand to reach right toes. Make sure you repeat this at least ten times.

Lastly, as someone that is in his teen or 20s, if you can concentrate on these workouts discussed above, the rate at which fat will be burned from the body will be great and very efficient.

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