Best Ways To Make Your Weight Lifting Routine Work Out

Have you been lifting weight for a long time at your gym without your muscle appearing more sculpted than when you began? If yes is your answer, then it means that you have been doing some mistakes that made your weight lifting workout to be wrong which denied you of your expected result. The following mistakes are the major ones you are doing that denied you of that slim and strong body you are looking forward to. These mistakes have been majorly avoided by all FAMOUS and PROFESSIONAL body builder all over the world and the result has been amazing for them

You are ignoring proper warm up:  The first mistake you have been doing is that you have not been doing your proper warm up before you started your weight lifting exercises. Make sure that you take a few minutes warm up like quick walk or jog on the treadmill before you  start your weight lifting workout. This will aid you in getting more out of your lifting program.  This is because your warm up will increase the temperature of your muscles and tendons making them more flexible. With this, you will be able to burn more calories and the probability of self injure will be reduced drastically.
 You use too heavy or too little weight:  Another mistake you could be doing is that you have been making use of too heavy weight which can easily injure you and make you not to have any positive result of your desire or you might have been exercising with too little weight which have not effect on your muscle and tendons. The best and professional ways of weight lifting is that if you are newbie to weight lifting exercise, begin with 1 to 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps using a lighter weight (about 50% of your maximum lift, i.e., the amount of weight you can lift once). As you become stronger,  increase it to 2 or 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps with heavier weight (60 to 75% of your max lift).
You lift too quickly: If you have been lifting your weight very fast, you can not get your desire result as this can easily cause injury to you. It has been tested and proven that slower rate of weight lifting brings more and effective lean and stronger  body. This is because  slower  weight lifting generate more muscle force in the joints.
You use the same lifting workout always:  Always make sure you constantly change you weight lifting workouts regularly. Using the same weight lifting exercises always make your muscles to adapt to moves which will make you to see reductions in your strength after some weeks. For example, you can leave your dumbbells  and take up kettlebells  or vice versa.
 You always rest between sets:  If you have been standing still between set, your calorie -  burn rate is reducing. That is, make sure you don’t stop or rest during your weight lifting exercise. If you have decided to use 5 minutes in your exercise, make sure you spend the time in full without any break in between. With this, you will be able to burn more calories.

Lastly, I am very SURE  that if the mistakes discussed above are avoided, you will DEFINITELY see your desired weight lifting result quickly.

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