5 Top Tips How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast After 40 Years

I am just over 40 year, what workout do you think is best for me to get rid of stomach fat fast?  This type of question is what we always receive from people when they are at  this stage of their life.  Some people are worry by this question but they don’t know who to talk to. If you are one of the people that being worried by this question or have asked this type of question from expert without any satisfactory answer. These tips you are about to read are for you and they are what we always recommend for those who have asked us this type of question. And after  the application of these tips,  they had improvement in their stomach fat burning which give them better and great outlook even more than those who are at 20s or 30s. In fact, they called it “sexy body of their choice”. These top and proven tips on how to get rid of stomach fat fast after 40 years are discussed below. Happy reading.

Increase Your Cardio Workout Intensity
Age is one of the things that affects the speed of burning fat. That is, the older you get the fewer calories you can burn. Therefore, by the time you are at 40s, the number of calories you will be burning will be greatly reduced and you need to burn more calories at this stage. The only way to burn more calories is to lengthen the intensity of your exercises. That is, if you have been doing 10 reps of 8 lb of weightlifting for 10 minutes at very slower rate when you are 30 years, make sure that you increase it to something like 10 reps of 8 lb weightlifting  for 20 minutes at very faster speed when you are 40s. Apply this changes to any workout of your choice. With  this, you will be able to release more sweat and burn more calories.

Always Do Workout That Affect Entire Body
Make sure you focus on the workouts like squat with overhead press or a lunge with a bicep curl and likes which  target the whole body. When doing this type of workout, make sure you intensify it for at least 7 minutes.

Always Eat Between 7a.m & 7p.m Daily
Another tip you can use to burn stomach fat fast is to make sure you adopt the system of having your food between 7 o clock in the morning and 7 o clock in the evening. That is to say, don’t always eat before 7a.m and after 7p.m. With this, you will be able to avoid storing load of fat that always store in the body in the evening

Always Take One Cup Of Green Tea Everyday
As research has shown that green tea extract  helps in fat burning and increase body calories burning, make sure you make it your daily rule to take in one cup of green tea extract everyday.

Always Eat Healthy Food
Make sure you focus on having good and healthy food everyday especially from Monday to Saturday in order to burn tummy fat fast and on Sunday, you can eat any food of your choice without being selective. This will make you feel good of not denying yourself of enjoyment. Make sure you repeat this system religiously.

Lastly, these tips on how to burn tummy fat after forty years discussed above has been tested and proven by many people and expert. Therefore I highly recommend it for people of more than 40 years of age.