Best Fat Burning Exercises for Small Space

This article is meant for those people who want to burn fat but find it difficult to do exercises due to their tight schedule. They also think that doing exercises is not possible for them. Therefore we have to encourage this set of people in one way or the other to make them do exercises. That is the reason we have to do our research on best fat burning exercises that consume lesser time and can be done even in your room of small space. Happy reading

Use of Kettlebells:  If you don’t know how kettlebells look like, see the picture above. Using kettlebells to do exercise requires lesser time and burns more fat than typical workouts. E.g. if you can do kettlebells workout for 20 minutes, up to 400 calories will be burned. The reason for this lesser time workout with high burning rate is due to the fact that kettlebells focused mostly on cardiovascular type of exercise as well as  full – body exercise simultaneously. Therefore, if you can spend at least 15 – 20 minutes on kettlebell workout twice a week , you will definitely burn large pound of fat that can make your body be transformed. Know that kettlebells can be done while sitting down or standing up at a spot.

Jumping Rope Workout:  What is meaning of jumping rope? Look at the picture above. That is jumping rope. This type of workout has always been amazing in term of fat burning. If you do jumping rope workout for at least 30 minutes, you will burn 350 calories and also boost your heart rate fast. This is because jumping rope workout is toning both your upper and lower body simultaneously. But if you are facing the challenge of small space due to the rope swing then go for ghost jumping. Ghost jumping is when you are jumping as if there is rope with you but without actual rope. It will still give you the same result. While you are doing ghost jumping or actual rope jumping, make sure you do it fast with short relaxation in between them.

Use Of Body-weight Exercise Plan:  Body – weight exercise plans consist of the following lunges, squats, mountain climbers, planks, and pushups. You can carry out good and effective exercises even if your space is small with all these body – weight exercises mentioned above. For instance, squats and lunges are good  for your legs and butt while push ups are the best for your chest and arms. All these can be done between 15 – 20 minutes and you will definitely see good result.

Use of Rear – Wheel Devices:  Look at the above image. This is how rear – wheel trainer look like. This type of device does not take much space when placing it in your room and if you can be cycling on it for at least 20 minutes , between 159 to 476 calories will be burned. Know that you need to protect your floor against been damage by this rear – wheel trainer. Therefore, make sure rubber trainer mat is put underneath the rear – wheel devices.

Yoga Workout:  In using  yoga workout, you don’t need much space to place your yoga mat. What you really need to focus on most of the time is to repeat those yoga workouts that can increase your heart rate and engage mostly all your body part

Use of Ballet – Derived Exercises( Barre Work):  This workout does not require much space as it can be done with chair, back of couch and kitchen table. With barre work most of your body part like waist, butt, thigh and arms are been engaged which can make you to have perfect – posture muscle.

Lastly, all these exercises are the  best for fat burning even if you have small space and they are all been tested and proven. Therefore, I highly recommend them to any body that is facing small space and tight schedule challenges.

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