How bad eating habits can make you broke

bad eating habitsBad eating habits can be described as the behavior by which people eat or consume any food that can make him or her to overweight which can definitely turn to obesity. Also, some experts also describe it as craving for unhealthy meals always. From this definition, you will realize that bad eating habits definitely lead to obesity as well as overweight.
Lots and lots of people had really treated widely the healthy consequences that obesity or overweight brings to the obese like heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. That’s not all, it has just been discovered that obesity or overweight can make any obese broke. How?  The research has revealed that obese spend more on the following

1.   Health and life insurance costs:  The amount of money being charged (anybody with obesity is higher than those who are slim in nature )by the insurance companies which increases every year.

2.    Medical expenses: The cost of maintaining obesity is very high. This is because the diseases that are being caused by overweight are very difficult to treat. It is also very time consuming one in term of treatment. Therefore, this makes obesity treatment cost intensive.

3.    Food and clothing costs: All obese crave for food always which means they spend more money on food than others who are not obese. With this food craving, it resulted into overweight and requires the obese to spend more on clothing.

4.    Lost of salary/wages:  Most of people that are suffering from obesity always fall sick which makes them to always visit hospital for doctor attentions. With this, their absenteeism is very high from the office which makes them to loss their salary or wages.

Putting all the  above obese expenditure analysis together, it has been discovered that annual cost of being obese in the United States is $2,646 for men and $4,879 for women. 

Therefore, losing this huge sum of amount to obesity is very alarming and it can be prevented. Here is one of the ways to prevent obesity.

Finally, I strongly advise you to avoid bad eating habits in order to escape losing more and more money to obesity every year. Also know that reading this article will help you to lose fatfast which make keep you from obesity.