Most effective exercises to burn calories fast

Most people want to burn calories but don’t know the best and easiest way to do it. All experts will tell you that the best way to lose fat or burn calories is through exercise. The word “exercise” is compound word. That is there are different type of exercises. Which ones are they referring to? This write up will outline the most effective exercises to burn your body calories fast as well as giving you lean muscles.

Cycling:  Spinning or cycling is great way to lose fat and one of the main calorie burner of all time.  Make sure you do spinning  when you get to your gym next time for at least 30 minutes or if you prefer outdoor exercises, you can ride your bike around rigorously.

Running:  Although most people don’t  like running to be part of their exercises to burn calories or fat but there is no doubt, running is one of the easiest ways lose fat fast. With running, you can tone your leg as well as your butt.  If you are just starting running exercise, make sure the time you spend in running is base on your capabilities and increase it as you become stronger .

Step Aerobics: This type of exercise is been considered by people as obsolete way of burning calories but it is widely accepted as one of the most  effective ways of burning fat or losing weight. If you can do it for an hour for at least three time a week , you can burn up to 800 calories in all part of your body. Also, it will make your heart rate to increase and supply enough oxygen to your muscles and body. With this your metabolism will increase.  It is a great way to tone up.

Swimming:  This has been  tested and proven as one the best ways to burn fat . This is because it always tones all muscle of the body as well as giving good cardio workouts.

Weight lifting: Weight lifting as been considered as one of the best ways to build  muscles and lose fat. When next you get to gym, don’t be afraid to use their weight lifting provisions. Most gyms are equipped with modern weight lifting machines which can make you to work the muscle safely. Always remember to alternate your weight lifting exercises. That is, if you weight lift your arm today, make sure that next lifting exercise will be for your legs and so on

                 Lastly, it is highly recommended that if you can do one of these exercises at least 30 minutes everyday for a week and change to another next and so on like that, you will DEFINITELY get stronger body and lasting body fit of your choice.

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